David P. Hanlon Community Sports Complex

The David P. Hanlon Community Sports Complex is moving along with the latest edition of the practice field turf and public restrooms.  The turf is currently being installed and a walking track around the field will be finished once the turf is complete.  In addition, the following items summarize the components of the project and draft of the timeline for completion.

  • Walking track around field will be finished once the turf is done
  • Tennis courts will be completed in September
  • There will be two outdoor basketball courts next to the tennis courts
  • The final piece is the David P. Hanlon memorial entrance sign that will be erected on the 38th street side of the field.  The entrance sign will be the last piece of the project, which the District anticipates will be installed at the end of September
Hanlon Complex Restroom Three

A large crane lifts the restrooms to place them onto the David P. Hanlon Sports Complex next to the field.

Hanlon Complex Restroom Four

Superintendent William Hall; Architect Christopher Coughlin; and Project Coordinator Brian Paterniti look on as the restrooms are carefully placed on the site.