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Pandemic Team

The Pandemic team is a dynamic interdisciplinary team comprised of academic, healthcare, and administrative members. This team meets weekly to review current COVID-19 data, evidence-based research, and best practices to provide a comprehensive and consistent approach to COVID-19.

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The Millcreek Township School District is proud to offer numerous activities and programs for our students. The activities and programs offered align with our mission to prepare students to reach their full potential as life-long learners and responsible citizens.

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The core purpose of the Millcreek Township School District is found in our mission statement and our beliefs.

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Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Planning facilitates communication and collaboration, promotes shared practices and resources, and ensures that every stakeholder is working toward common goals. Additionally, Comprehensive Planning assists local education agencies to create and manage a continuous, comprehensive plan to submit to the Department of Education in order to maintain compliance with state and federal mandates. The Comprehensive Plan was formerly titled the Strategic Plan.

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School District Policies

It is important for the school district to develop and maintain effective policies that comprise both local specifications and ever-changing state and federal laws and regulations. The Millcreek Township School District policies are always being reviewed and updated.

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District Map

Millcreek covers approximately 29.5 square miles. Millcreek Township boundaries are best described by picturing the township as an “L” shape. The vertical part of the “L” is best described as: Millcreek’s northern border is Lake Erie; its western border is Millfair Road; its southern border is Hershey Road; and its eastern border is Pittsburgh Avenue. When describing the horizontal portion of the “L” the description is: its northern border is Grandview Boulevard; its western border is Millfair Road; its southern border is South Hill Road; and its eastern border is Moorehead Road.

Residents can utilize the map to assist in locating school boundaries. It is important to always check with the Central Registration Department (814-835-5312) to confirm address and school attendance areas. The District utilizes a sister-school concept when class sizes become too large.

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School Board

A nine-member board elected to four-year terms governs the school district.

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The Millcreek Township School District is comprised of numerous departments to oversee several areas in the District. Should you have questions regarding a specific area, please visit the appropriate department on our website. You will find contact information and helpful links to assist you.

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