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Daily Symptom Screener

Sep 7, 2020

Student Daily Symptom Screener

Stay Home & Call Your Doctor

If you are experiencing:

  • One or more symptoms in Group A OR
  • Two or more symptoms in Group B OR
  • Have taken any fever-reducing medication in the past 24hrs

Please notify the MTSD Pandemic Coordinator immediately if you or someone in your household:

Scheduled to be tested for COVID-19 and are experiencing symptoms

  • Completed COVID-19 testing and are awaiting results
  • You have a POSITIVE RESULT from a COVID-19 test (+ case),
  • You have been identified as a probable case by the DOH or Physician
    • Millcreek Township School District will coordinate with the DOH to ensure a safe return to school/work.

Provide the following information:

  • Full name, school, homeroom
  • Most recent temperature
  • Type of Fever reducing medication
  • Current Symptoms

Krystal Krawczyk, MHA, RN

Pandemic Coordinator


Please review the Daily Symptom Screener from the Pandemic Team for parents to reference prior to sending their child to school.

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