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Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) Instructions

Oct 6, 2020

Self Service Password Reset Now Available Grades 6-12

This feature will allow students (grades 6-12) to reset their own passwords and recover their account. SSPR will be enabled on October 6th, 2020. When enabled the next time a user signs in they will be prompted to add recovery options.

Step 1

First screen “More information required” SELECT “NEXT”

More Information Required Screen Capture

Step 2

The next screen is where a user can select what recovery options they want to use. The options are phone number, alternate email, or security questions. You must set up at least one option but can set up additional. Whatever options are chosen the student must be able to access while in class. A parent email or parent phone number should not be used.

Don't Lose Access Screen capture

Step 3

Once completing the security preferences, your account set-up is complete.

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