ph: 814.835.5309
fx: ​814.835.5311

3740 West 26th Street
Erie PA, 16506

The Personnel Office is responsible for many activities that relate to our employees.

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Orientation
  • Entry and Exit Interview
  • FMLA
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Compliance with Union Contracts
  • Grievances
  • Benefits Administration
  • Retirement
  • Workers Compensation
Who's Who? Title Call if you need help with: Phone Number
Timothy Rankin Director of Personnel Supervision of Personnel 835-5309
Jackie Graff Human Resource Coordinator PDE and the Monitoring of Certifications - Highly Qualified status - Graduate Credit Reimbursements/Tenure - Professional Contracts and Agreements 835-5310
Heather Riazzi Benefits Coordinator Employee Benefits Orientation - All Benefits as an Employee - Unemployment - Workmans' Compensation - Retirement/Exit Interviews 836-6067
Wendy Spaeder Personnel Secretary Absences (FMLA - Online Application System - Job Posting & Interviews - (Employee Information Change Forms - Posting Preparation on Web, Newspaper, etc.) 835-5309
Yolanda Tamilin Personnel Secretary Clearances Outside Providers) - Volunteers 835-5306

General Volunteer

A General Volunteer is a volunteer who provides one time, intermittent, or continuous service and is under the direct supervision of a qualified school district employee.

Board Approved Volunteer

Board Approved Volunteer is a volunteer who is not under the direct supervision of a qualified school district employee.  This includes overnight chaperones, driving students, or driving district vehicles.

Apply to become a Volunteer​.