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School Board


  • Mr. John DiPlacido, B.S.E.E., M.S.E. Engr., M.B.A. President
  • Mr. Donnie Hosford, Vice-President
  • Mr. Louis Aliota, M.S., R.Ph.
  • Mr. Christopher Busko
  • Ms. Lisa Cappabianca
  • Ms. Janine McClintic, Esq.
  • Dr. Karen Morahan, PhD, RN
  • Mr. John Pitzer
  • Mr. Gary J. Winschel

School Board Secretary

  • Mrs. Linda D. Sitter


  • Joseph P. Maloney (not a School Board member)


  • Timothy Sennett, Esquire

School Board 2018

Seated from left to right: Linda Sitter, School Board Secretary; Janine McClintic, Lisa Cappabianca, Karen Morahan

Standing from left to right: William Hall, Superintendent; Gary J. Winschel, John Pitzer, Chris Busko, Louis Aliota, Donnie Hosford, School Board Vice President; John DiPlacido, School Board President; Timothy Sennett, Solicitor

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