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Message from Superintendent William Hall

Apr 11, 2018

Safety Update Message

revised “T.R.O.J.A.N.” response procedure that incorporates run, hide, and fight options for students and staff.

Working closely with a task force that included the Millcreek Police and Emergency Management Departments, this revised response will be the focal point of intensive trainings and student preparedness programs for the upcoming year.

Trojan Concept

In addition to these best practice response modifications, the District has also included the following safety improvement measures:

  • Contracted the services of Facility Engineering Associates to re-evaluate security measures, systems, products, and practices
  • Building a concrete barrier to existing walkway at MIHS and McDowell
  • Secured entrances will be constructed at Walnut Creek, Tracy, Chestnut Hill, J.S. Wilson, and Grandview this summer
  • Purchasing/Preparing “Stop the Bleed” kits for all classrooms
  • 3M safety and security film on all entrance/egress points across the District
  • Giving the Millcreek Police Department (MPD) access to all security camera systems and to a specific District emergency radio frequency
  • MPD will also have continued visits in all schools. The Pennsylvania State Police have been added to these building patrols as well
  • Looking at all federal, state, local funding sources
  • Reviewing question/survey results for additional ideas and suggestions

Responding to the results of a recent survey about having an armed presence in all schools, we are confident that we can better secure our schools.  Moving forward, we will continue to explore every affordable option.


William Hall





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