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School Safety Update April 12.

Apr 12, 2018

To the Members of the Millcreek School Community,

I feel compelled to clarify some of the recent local and national attention the District has received regarding the distribution of small wooden bats into each of our classrooms as part of an overall school security plan.

  •  Last Monday, April 2, we had a Teacher in service day in which we presented our staff with a modified response procedure for an active shooter/hard lock down situation. This modified T.R.O.J.A.N. response incorporates the latest best practice response options for all students and staff. (A brief description of this T.R.O.J.A.N. response, which was developed in cooperation with the Millcreek Police and Emergency Management Departments, is available in my letter online.) We have now incorporated an Attack option, to be implemented as a last resort. 
  • The theory behind the attack option is to create noise, distract, or defend against an active shooter. For a classroom or office setting, this translates to books, staplers, chairs, fire extinguishers, etc. being used as defensible tools.  We hope the day will never come that our staff will have to defend students and themselves.  However, we want our staff to know that in a life and death situation, an attack option may be necessary and to use any available tool at their disposal.  
  • The bats are best described as “miniature souvenirs” that are available at baseball stadiums and memorabilia stores. They were distributed to our teaching staff as a symbolic reminder of the District's change in its current response from shelter in place (hide) to now include the options of running and/or fighting back.  
  • In an active shooter situation, they could be used as a tool against an active shooter just like any other item in the immediate room. They will remain locked in the classroom and are only to be used/available in a hard lockdown situation.
  • It is not the primary deterrent, but rather it is something that may be used in an emergency situation, and symbolizes our intent to take an active approach to defending our students and staff under threat.
  • These are unprecedented times, and it is important to hear all suggestions and opinions of the entire community.  As always, we invite you to share your feedback with your school board, teachers, and/or administration.

I firmly believe we have made, and continue to make significant progress with our building security and emergency response preparedness. We will look at all options of securing our buildings and increasing safety across the District. You can be assured that safety remains our number one concern.


Thank you, 

Mr. Hall

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