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Visit the Pandemic Team Page for the MTSD Health & Safety Plan, Mask Requirements, and Food Service.

The MTSD Pandemic Team will only notify the staff and families identified as close-contacts or individuals exposed who require quarantine will be sent home with a letter at the end of the day.

Any student not in the school building, parent, or guardian will receive a call home from the Pandemic Team.

Millcreek Township School District will follow the Erie County trends for PCR (Percent Positivity Rate) and use MTSD’s PCR dashboard metrics to compare. MTSD Pandemic Team will continue to track trends each week to determine both county and MTSD potential community spread when determining a need to move to temporary remote learning. Please visit the PA Department of Education current move to remote learning guidance.

Positive Case Definitions

Please notify the MTSD Pandemic Coordinator immediately if you or someone in your household
  • Scheduled to be tested for COVID-19 and are experiencing symptoms
  • Completed COVID-19 testing and are awaiting results
  • You have a POSITIVE RESULT from a COVID-19 test (+ case)
  • You have been identified as a probable case by the DOH or Physician
Call : Pandemic Coordinator, Krystal Krawczyk, MHA, RN, at 814-835-5340


Stay home if you might have been exposed to COVID-19


PA DOH COVID-19 Early Warning Monitoring System Dashboard