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Important Update

Greetings MTSD Family,

In recent days the Erie County Community Spread of COVID-19 cases resulted in a DOH designation of ‘High.’  While we as a school district are a microcosm of the larger Erie county community, we are seeing a decline in MTSD specific cases. Please see the chart below.


In coordination with the district’s CORE leadership and the pandemic teams, we remain committed to monitoring the current state of this public health challenge.  In this regard, we are taking the following steps during the next 7 days:

  1. Monitor our internal and external (Erie County) COVID-19 numbers amongst students and adults.
  2. Increase and intensify the use of our COVID-19 mitigation measures and protocols at every school and the district office.
  3. Strongly encourage students and adults in the district to use the mask option, however, universal masking will not be required at this time. Masking may be particularly important for individuals who may be at higher risk. 
  4. Keep the MTSD and larger Millcreek community apprised of our COVID-19 case count.


The recently approved Health & Safety Plan (February 2022) established a building threshold for positive cases which would allow the opportunity for the Superintendent and Pandemic Team to institute universal masking to protect the health and well-being of our students and staff. 

Over the last 7-10 days, MTSD leadership and the pandemic teams have closely monitored the case count and level of spread within each of our school buildings, in light of the increase in countywide case counts. During the week of May 9th, one of our school buildings exceeded the building threshold of positive cases. At that time, the Superintendent with the Pandemic Team reviewed the data and unique circumstances and determined that universal masking within the entire school building was not necessary. Similarly, the District’s CORE leadership and Pandemic teams reviewed the most recent data today, and it has been determined at this time that the  MTSD will not be moving to Universal Masking.  Again, we do strongly encourage any individual in the school buildings, students or staff, to continue to exercise their choice to wear a mask at any time. 

With 12 days remaining in this school year, we remain committed to creating a space for our students to finish the year with strong academic performance while maintaining the current covid mitigation protocols to ensure the safety and security of 100% of our students and the adults who serve them. Please visit the MTSD COVID Data Center online at to review case counts for MTSD and the Erie community. 


In Solidarity,

Dr. Ian Roberts