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The Stopfinder real-time tracking application will be available for all Millcreek Township School District students. The Stopfinder app will allow a parent/guardian to track their Child’s/Children’s bus/buses in real-time. One of the main goals of the Millcreek Township School District is to keep striving to improve the methods that we use to communicate with our parents.

Busing delays, schedule changes and route changes will be communicated through the Stopfinder parent application, we will no longer email or telephone parents/guardians with delays or changes. If you haven’t signed up for the App please email and ask for an invite to be sent to you.

Please go to the following links to view the specific Stopfinder App Information

Stopfinder Parent Quick Start Guide

Click Here for the Stopfinder Parent Quick Start Guide

Stopfinder Fact Sheet

Click Here for the Stopfinder Parent App Fact Sheet

Stopfinder Parent User APP Video

Click Here for the Parent User App Video


The purpose of the bus pass is to help our students with transportation when there is an emergency within their family. All bus passes must be approved by the Transportation Office and are intended for family emergencies only.


  • Please have students ready to board promptly on the first day of school. Pick-up times are a rough estimate.

  • We recommend that students be at the bus stop 10 minutes early for the first few weeks.

  • After schedules have normalized, please be at the stop five (5) minutes before the bus arrives.

  • Per district policy, the bus will wait at your designated stop for (7) seven seconds. Continued and regular tardiness will result in loss of transportation service.

  • For the safety and security for all students, parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the bus at any time.

  • Per district policy, students are not permitted to video/record other students.

  • Drivers are not permitted to change routes or stops.

  • Please do not make requests of the bus drivers or ask too many questions while at the bus stop. Please be courteous to the other families along the bus route waiting for the bus to arrive on time for their children.

  • Students are only permitted to use the bus stop listed in their Infinite Campus account.

  • Bus routes typically run late on the afternoon runs during the first couple weeks, until schools and students become familiar with the procedures for the new school year.

  • For kindergarten students, please label their belongings with name, address, bus number and stop for the first two (2) weeks of school.

  • Recording cameras for video and audio are in use on each bus to aid behavior management.

  • Students who do not use the bus for 30 days will be removed.

  • Reinstatement of a scheduled stop will take 5 – 7 Business days.

  • We go to every stop in the AM (unless there have not been students at the stop for 30 days), however in the afternoon we go point to point (only to the stops that match the students on the bus).

  • Point to Point will cause fluctuations in drop-off times (early and later than the scheduled time).

  • Stopfinder is highly encouraged to track the bus location.

  • All forms that are received after the start of the school year will take 3- 5 business days to complete.

If you have questions regarding your child’s transportation

·         Call First Student at 838-1602

·         Call the MTSD Transportation Office at 835-5323.


  • If a problem with transportation arises, please remain calm. Most problems are solved after the first few days of school. Please wait a few days before calling First Student.
  • Most afternoon routes will run late on the first few days of school. Please be patient. The staff are helping and assisting our youngest students and new MTSD students to ensure they are getting on their assigned bus.

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Transportation Coordinator 

Robert Lee

First Student Transportation  

Valerie Freeman

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