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Bus Stop Safety


With the opening of school, First Student Transportation Services asks for your help in teaching your child about school bus safety. No student is ever too old to be reminded about school bus safety!

The area around the outside of the bus is a dangerous area. First Student Transportation teaches children that this area is a DANGER ZONE, and that children should stay ten (10) “giant steps” away from the bus always.

Please discuss the following safety issues with your child:

  1. Cameras recording audio and video will be in use on school buses to aid in student control and safety.
  2. Some students will have to cross streets and roads to a bus stop. Children should wait to cross the road to board the bus until the bus is at a complete stop, red lights activated, and the driver gives the thumbs up.
  3. Leave home early enough to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled bus time.
  4. Dress properly for the weather.
  5. Stay away from the bus until it stops, and the driver signals you to board. Enter in single file without pushing or shoving.
  6. Take a seat right away and remain seated facing forward. Keep your hands, arms, and head Inside the bus.
  7. Help keep the bus neat and clean. Keep your books and lunch out of the aisle and away from emergency exits.
  8. Be courteous to the driver and to other students. Sit quietly with your hands to yourself and never shout or throw things. Always listen when the driver speaks.
  9. Get off the bus carefully. Take ten (10) giant steps away from the bus and out the danger zone, until you can see the driver and the driver can see you.
  10. Never walk in the danger zone close to the bus where the driver cannot see you.
  11. Never run back to the bus even if you dropped or forgot something.
  12. If you must cross the road when you get off, wait for the driver’s signal, and then cross in front of the bus. Check again to make sure you are ten (10) giant steps away from the bus. Cross the street after checking both ways for traffic.
  13. Food or drinks are not allowed on the bus at any time. This rule is in place for your child’s safety.
  14. Please contact the Township during winter months when you have questions about snow removal at bus stops and sidewalks.