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Frequently Asked Transportation Questions

Beginning of the School Year Questions

Many frequently asked questions are addressed on this web page. However, if you experience trouble with the forms or need immediate attention, please call 814-838-1602 (First Student Transportation Inc) or Millcreek Township School District Transportation Coordinator Robert Lee at 814-838-5323.

Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Students

My child is starting kindergarten. Will the bus pick my child up in front of the house?

There are no special laws or requirements for transporting students enrolled in kindergarten. The child will be assigned a bus stop located in their area.

Am I am required to be at my kindergartner's, first or second graders assigned bus stop for discharge?

Yes, if no adult is present the bus driver will return the student to either the child's school or the bus garage and the parents will be contacted to pick up their child.

If I am required to be at my kindergartener's, first or second graders assigned bus stop for discharge, what if I am late or unable to be at the stop at the designated time?

The bus driver is not permitted to discharge kindergarten through 2nd-grade students unless an adult is at the stop to receive the student. If no adult is present the bus driver may return the student to the child's school or the bus garage and the parents will be contacted to pick up their child. Habitual lateness will result in loss of transportation service.

Non-Public and Private Schools

Will the district transport my K-12 child to a non-public or private school?

Yes, if the school is state-licensed with non-profit status and at least one parent/guardian resides within the Millcreek Township School District borders.

What if the school district has a bad weather delay or cancellation?

Bus transportation follows the Millcreek Township School District Schedule. Please check your Infinite Campus web site to check for delays or cancellations. Notifications will also be sent via text, email and voice message.

What about when the non-public or private school has an early dismissal?

Transportation is not provided for non-public and private school early dismissals.

What about when the non-public or private school announces a weather delay and the school district doesn't?

In this case, transportation runs on the Millcreek Township School District's regular schedule.

Special Education Student Transportation

I have a question about my child's transportation, who should I contact?

If special transportation is required, the Special Education department will contact the district's transportation department.

Daycare and Special Situations

Can my child be picked up in the morning or dropped off after school at a daycare?

The district will provide one morning and one afternoon "rostered" stop. If your child's daycare is every day and on an existing bus route, the district will provide transportation as a courtesy. School districts are not required to provide this service. This rule also applies to students with divorced parents.

Bus Stop Change/Additional Requests

Very few bus stop changes or additions are made after the schedule is developed. The schedule is based on considerations of safety and efficiency.

Each year, parents ask the following questions:

How soon should my child arrive at the bus stop prior to pickup?

Students should arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time especially the first several weeks of school. Please allow the driver a window of 20 minutes especially for variables such as changing traffic patterns and even passenger load can change daily impacting schedule slightly.

My child left an item (e.g., coat) on the bus. How do I get it back?

Personal items will be left on the bus for two days or returned to the school building. The school district or Bus Company is not responsible for lost or misplaced items.

I think my child has too far to walk to the bus stop, can the stop be moved closed to my house?

Bus stops and schedules are not changed for this reason. Pennsylvania State Law allows a district to ask a child, regardless of age, to walk up to a mile and a half to a bus stop.

There is a bus stop for elementary students near my house, why doesn't the middle school/high school bus stop at this stop?

The schedules and stops are designed based on ridership, safety and efficiency for each schedule. Additional bus stops are not added for this reason.

I think my child's ride is too long, can the bus schedule be changed?

Bus stops and schedules are not changed for this reason. Transporting nearly 7100 students over a large area will require some students to be first on the bus in the morning and last off in the afternoon, i.e., some will have a longer bus ride. Routes are based on population distribution, efficiency and safety. There are no time limits set by Pennsylvania State Law or regulations.

My child has to walk up a steep hill, can the bus stop be moved closer to my house?

Bus stop locations are based on an analysis of both safety and efficiency. If possible, bus stops are not located on steep hills where it may be difficult for the bus to stop or start.

My child is the only student at the stop this year, why can't the stop be moved to my house?

Stops are evaluated each year. Once stops are established, stops are not changed for the convenience of an individual or a small number of students or families. Although stops are reviewed each year, it is important for reasons of safety and efficiency to maintain as much consistency as possible from year to year.

I can't see my child while walking to the bus stop, can the bus stop be moved closer to my house?

Bus stops are not changed for this reason. Pennsylvania School Law permits student walking distance up to 1 1/2 miles.

My child has to cross the street to the bus stop, can the bus stop be changed to my side of the street?

Some students will have to cross streets and roads to a bus stop. Children should wait to cross the road to board the bus until the bus is at a complete stop, red lights activated and the driver gives the thumbs up.

We had a bus stop closer to our home last year, why was the stop changed?

Stops will change year to year depending on the number of students in each residential area and grade levels.

Why isn't there a bus stop in our new housing plan?

Buses are not normally routed into "under construction" housing plans due to safety and efficiency concerns. Construction vehicles often block access and cause route delays and safety issues. Bus stop requests in new housing plans will be considered only after the streets are "turned over" and maintained by the township.

Our neighborhood has no sidewalks, can we have an additional bus stop so our children do not have to walk to the existing stop?

With the large number of streets and roads in the Millcreek Township School District, it is necessary for some students to walk on streets or roads in neighborhoods with no sidewalks.

What if I think that my child's walk to the bus stop is unsafe?

First Student Inc and district personnel will both review bus safety concerns. This review may involve a site visit. Based on a review of conditions, the bus company submits a recommendation to the district to keep the current stop or recommends a new stop location.

School Delays/Cancellations/Late Buses

Bus schedules for non-public, private schools, and the Technical School follow the Millcreek Township School District Schedule. For example, if Millcreek Township School District is delayed two hours, the bus schedule for these schools will also be delayed two hours.

Why was my child's bus late?

On occasion, a bus might be late picking up students due to traffic congestion/accidents, weather conditions or a substitute driver. Please know that we do everything possible to have all buses running on schedule each and every day. In the event that your bus does not arrive as scheduled, contact First Student Inc. at 814-838-1602. Please allow 15 minutes before calling.

Will I receive a call if a bus is going to be late?

We no longer call parents when a bus is running behind schedule. Public school students will receive a message through the FirstView parent application and Private and Charter Schools will receive an email. If your bus is more than 15 minutes late please check your phone for email or FirstView notifications.

Bus Passes

Will the school issue a bus pass for a student to ride another bus? Bus passes will only be issued for emergency situations. Also, the availability of issuing the pass will depend on available seats on the requested bus.

New to District

We're new to the district, what do we do to arrange bus transportation?

The first step is to contact the district office and enroll your child. The district office will notify the district's transportation department. The bus company will be notified and a bus company representative will call you once transportation is set up. Expect a minimum of five school days. If your move-in date is weeks away, please call the transportation office two weeks before your move-in date to verify transportation services.