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Belle Valley


Building Administration

Dr. James Smith — Principal

Ms. Sheri Law — Assistant Principal

Building Support Staff

Ms. Bonnie Platz — Secretary to the Principal

Ms. Jamie Constantine — Office Assistant

Ms. Diane Schlegel — School Nurse

Ms. Tracey Merlino — School Guidance Counselor

Ms. Lisa Bell — Library Educational Assistant

Ms. Susan Staaf — Cafeteria Manager

Mr. Tom Phillips — Custodian

Dr. Erin Connel — School Psychologist


Ms. Mackenzie Gilson — Kindergarten

Ms. Julie Ottavio — Kindergarten

Ms. Megan Romines — Kindergarten

Ms. Jenn Hunt — Kindergarten

Ms. Riley Petrucelli — Kindergarten

Ms. Elizabeth Kuzmicki — 1st grade

Ms. Jessica Williams — 1st Grade

Ms. Andrea Chizewick — 1st Grade

Ms. Carrie Leeds — 1st Grade

Ms. Tina Ulrich — 2nd Grade

Ms. Joanna Lorei — 2nd Grade

Ms. Laurie Wilcox — 2nd Grade

Ms. Jen Cain — 2nd Grade

Ms. Danielle Yeager — 3rd Grade

Ms. Noelle Naughton — 3rd Grade

Ms. Jessica Banaszak — 3rd Grade

Ms. Stephanie Guild — 3rd Grade

Ms. Jodi Barbato — 4th Grade

Ms. Shelby Fuchs — 4th Grade

Ms. Alexa Schultz — 4th Grade

Ms. Christine Cherner — 4th Grade

Ms. Sarah Duris — 5th Grade

Ms. Shayla Brown — 5th Grade

Ms. Jennifer Donohue — 5th Grade

Ms. MaryKaye Pazder — 5th Grade

Mr. Brandon Maxwell — Music

Ms. Lori Hirtzel — Physical Education

Ms. Jill Ekas — Art

Ms. Erin Wright — Learning Support

Ms. Julie Firch — Learning Support

Ms. Rebecca Kramer — Learning Support

Ms. Lindsey D'Andrea — Autistic Support

Ms. Danielle White — Autistic Support

Ms. Emily Young — Autistic Support

Ms. Courtney Bliley — Emotional Support

Ms. Amy Hodapp — Emotional Support

Ms. Courtney Abbate — Student Intervention Specialist

Ms. Amanda Connors — Speech

Ms. Tina Fuhrman — Gifted Support

Ms. Melissa Hannah — Interventionalist

Ms. Nicole Otteni — Title 1

Ms. Eleanor Salchak — Title 1

Ms. Sarah Thompson-Samec — ESL