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Title One - Did You Know?

Sep 25, 2020

You can help us retain federal programs and funding at Chesnut Hill

Did you know?

Title I teachers and educational assistants are funded by the number of students that qualify for free and reduced lunches

Did you know?

Parent Involvement funds are also given based on the percentage of need in the building for free and reduced lunches

Did you know?

Additional reading funds are available depending on the amount of free and reduced lunches which can add valuable resources for our school

Did you know?

YOU can help us by completing the form on-line for Free and Reduced Lunches. Even if you think you do not qualify, or do not want to utilize the program, we may retain our Title I teachers, educational assistants, funding and programs

ONLINE APPLICATION – Free & Reduced Lunch

  1. Visit the Food Service page
  2. Under Helpful Links click on Free/Reduced Online Application
  3. Follow instructions to apply at

Thank you for your support and reach out if you need assistance to complete the free and reduced lunch form online — we value your partnership in your child’s education!

The funding for the district-wide free breakfast and lunches will run out in December. It is important that we continue to fill out the free and reduced lunch program applications. Our federal funds are dependent on the number of applications completed. These funds are used to give extra help to our students in math and reading.

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