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Thursday, March 21, was Grandview's annual Family Math Night. This year's Math Night had a Rock-n-Roll vibe. Students enjoyed a rockin' show put on by their staff, then traveled through various concert halls, and solved some challenging math with their family members. The message was lout and clear: Math Rocks! Make sure to take a look at the pictures!


Grandview students have been working hard showing SOAR characteristics.  The bulletin board shows the classrooms that have earned 100 honeysticks by showing what it means to SOAR at Grandview.  Remember to -

BE SAFE   BE ORGANIZED   BE ACCEPTING    BE Respectful   each and everyday!

The Bag Challenge

Did you know that worldwide, there is approximately 1 TRILLION plastic bags consumed per year?  ALL of that can be recycled but sadly, most plastic ends up in landfills and our oceans.  GV students are collecting grocery bags, bread bags, ziploc bags and any other clean plastic film this school year.  We have entered the Trex Recycling Challenge and have collected 47 giant bags of plastic so far this year.  Keep depositing your plastic bags into our official recycle bins.  It's amazing how our school can work together to help change the planet.

Grandview Attendance Information


Email the attendance office if your child is going to be late or absent.  Please use the following address and provide your child’s name, teacher, and reason for being out.


A hand written or medical excuse is still required when your child returns to school.     You are still welcome to call 814-836-6310 if that is more convenient for you.

Please use this phone number (836-6300)  for all dismissal changes.