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Building Administration

Dr. Joseph Jablonski — Principal

Ms. Jamie Plaster — Assistant Principal

Building Support Staff

Ms. Patty Evers — Secretary to the Principal

Ms. Lesley Bottoni — Office Assistant

Ms. Lynn Stancliff — School Counselor

Ms. Kaitlyn Brooks — School Psychologist

Ms. Lisa Abbate — Cafeteria Manager

Mr. Don Grimshaw — Head Custodian


Ms. Therese Conti — Kindergarten

Ms. Kathy Gebhardt — Kindergarten

Ms. Brooke Perkins — Kindergarten

Ms. Sherri Shaffer — Kindergarten

Ms. Pam Swanson — Kindergarten

Ms. Tracey Coon — 1st Grade

Mr. Paul Ferrick — 1st Grade

Ms. Amanda Garrity — 1st Grade

Ms. Paige Hanlon — 1st Grade

Ms. Jacquelyn Himes — 1st Grade

Ms. Melissa Alessi — 2nd Grade

Ms. Hilary Gehrlein — 2nd Grade

Ms. Elaine Nottingham — 2nd Grade

Ms. Tami Pulice — 2nd Grade

Ms. Emily Wilcox — 2nd Grade

Ms. Kate Brzezinski — 3rd Grade

Mr. David Glunt — 3rd Grade

Ms. Stephanie Mann — 3rd Grade

Ms. Kathleen Wells — 3rd Grade

Mr. Michael Bowers — 4th Grade

Ms. Tracy Chrzanowski — 4th Grade

Ms. Courtney Deiner — 4th Grade

Ms. Amy Sturm — 4th Grade

Ms. Theresa O'Connell — 5th Grade

Ms. Courtney Pawlak — 5th Grade

Ms. Kelli Suppa — 5th Grade

Ms. Doreen Szparaga — 5th Grade

Ms. Tarra Brown — Emotional Support

Ms. Lindsey Fogle — Learning Support

Ms. Jessica Radtke — Learning Support

Ms. Stephanie Travers — Emotional Support

Ms. Emily Turek — Learning Support

Ms. Marcia Berarducci — Instructional Support Advisor

Ms. Julie Burdick — Reading Specialist

Ms. Barb Cacchione — Reading Specialist

Ms. Hillary Fenell — ELL

Ms. Christina Fuhrman — Gifted Resource

Ms. Megan Jell — Art

Ms. Katherine Kulasa — Physical Education

Ms. Mariana Mathewson — Music

Ms. Stephanie Shaffer — Speech & Language

Ms. Kristin Stravinsky — Reading Specialist