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COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Parent Questionnaire



School Closure Enrichment FAQs

Q: Is my child expected to complete specific assignments during the school closure?

A: No. The only information we will post would be for review and enrichment purposes. Your child(ren) will not be expected to provide any assignments upon return to school.

Q: Why did my child(ren) bring home their books and notebooks?

A: The decision to have students bring home their books was made prior to the state closing all schools.

Please do not work ahead. The plan is that instruction will begin where it stopped on March 13th. Although working ahead seems like a reasonable thing to do, not all students will be doing this.

An option is having your child review information already introduced earlier in the year/course.

School Closure Enrichment

Greetings Tracy Families,

As we continue to work through the current school closure, please rest assured that our school district will keep your family informed through our school district website. Please be reminded that schools are closed and no student is required to complete specific assignments and no work will be graded. If you would like your child(ren) to work on enrichment activities as a way to utilize some of their free time, please click on the link below:

If you should have any questions, please feel free to e-mail anytime at:

Yours in education,

Jeremiah J. Bull, Principal

Katie L. Lackey, Assistant Principal

Family Reading Night

Tracy families enjoyed our recent Family Reading Night. The theme this year was "Coastin' into Family Reading Night." Students enjoyed amusement park themed activities, a snack, and a free book. Thank you to our Title I staff for planning this event.

Jump with Jill Assembly

Our students and staff recently enjoyed a school-wide assembly, Jump with Jill. The students learned about staying active and making healthy food choices. Thank you to our PTA for sponsoring this fun assembly!

"Read Across America" Week

Tracy students and staff participated in many activities for "Read Across America" week. Students read stories with their buddy classrooms in different grades. Students also participated in theme days all week including Sweats Day, Hat Day, Wacky Wednesday, Read my Shirt Day, and Silly Socks Day. Thank you to our Title I staff for planning these awesome events!

February PAWsitive Pride Celebration

Our February PAWsitive Pride winners enjoyed a celebration this week. The students enjoyed donuts with the principals in the conference room. These students were rewarded for making positive choices that were respectful, responsible, and kind. Way to go, students!

Pie in the Face Assembly

Tracy students had the opportunity to throw a pie at several staff members. Students purchased tickets at McTeacher Night for this opportunity. Thanks to our PTA for organizing this event. Thank you to Mr. Bull, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Radtke, and Mr. Powell for volunteering to be pied.