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Pandemic Team

The Pandemic team is a dynamic interdisciplinary team comprised of academic, healthcare, and administrative members. This team meets to review current COVID-19 data, evidence-based research, and best practices to provide a comprehensive and consistent approach to COVID-19.

Pandemic Team Goals 

  • Developing clear, fact-based understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential consequences to the impact of school and return to play from all key stakeholders.
  • Plan and prepare for issues and risks of pandemic related situations.
  • Establish identifiable benchmarks related to district size following guidance from PDE, CDC, and DOH for COVID-19 active cases and remote learning.
  • Continue to monitor and respond to updated guidance by PDE, DOH, and CDC to maintain the districts the needs for the Health & Safety Plan as well as the Return to Play Plan.
  • Provide community base education for best efforts on mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in school, on the field, and in the community to remain in face to face education.
  • Continued monitoring of Erie County and MTSD COVID-19 IR and PCR data to assess implications for current school learning mode and considerations for temporary virtual learning to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
  • Reassessing the phase of learning and the potential for additional in-person learning based off of COVID-19 evidence based research and following state guidance

COVID Documents & Resources


Throughout the Pandemic planning, all superintendents from Intermediate Unit 5 (IU5) have been working with the executive directors to remain as consistent as possible for our students, families, and community.

Superintendents throughout the IU5 recognize return to school plans may need to be distinct and customized based on unique factors within each District, such as size for example. However, by planning collaboratively the Districts will have the ability to implement best practices learned and develop an approved Health & Safety Plan for Reopening that meets the guidelines from the PA Department of Education (released June 15, 2020).

The IU5 contains 17 area School Districts including those closest to Millcreek; Erie City, Fort LeBoeuf, General McLane, Girard, Harborcreek, Iroquis, North East, and Wattsburg.

Full list of IU5 Districts


The Pandemic Team includes:
Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Board Member
Pandemic Coordinator, Local Physician, School Nurse, Director of Student Services, Director of Personnel, High School Administrator, Middle School Administrator, Elementary School Administrator, Transportation Coordinator, Custodial Coordinator, High School Administrative Officer