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Safety Department

The MTSD safety department is currently comprised of a Safety Coordinator who also serves as the district’s sole school police officer and a school security officer.
To provide a safe, and peaceful environment for students to learn and staff to work, free of violence, drugs, and fear.
In pursuit of educational excellence, our department aims to first satisfy the basic human need of safety for our students and staff. Through providing protection, leadership, and education our department is determined to empower all students to become high academic achievers and lifelong learners who desire to learn in a safe environment.
To equip both students and staff with the training and resources necessary to respond accordingly when a safe environment is threatened by violence, weather, utility failures, or fire. Ongoing professional development is critical for staff and administrators to know what actions to take in keeping students safe during a crisis.

The safety department believes in the triad concept of providing protection, being a mentor, and offering expert education to students in order to develop caring and supportive relationships between and among officers, students, and parents. We believe that these relationships will lead to higher levels of student achievement. All department staff members aim to create and maintain an environment that promotes respect, confidence, and understanding in order to encourage communication and problem-solving. In doing so, we desire to provide an environment prepared for learning while creating a culture of safety within our school district.

Community Support
Developing a safe and secure environment for MTSD school buildings and facilities is the responsibility of the entire community. This department will coordinate safety protocols and procedures with Millcreek Township first responders, organizations, parents, and volunteers in order to provide the necessary communication needed to implement the successful integration of these groups during a crisis.