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Superintendent's Office

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Ian A. Roberts


Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Mrs. Darcie Moseley


Superintendent's Goals 2021-2022


Goal #1: To support the Superintendent’s goal in order to establish and prioritize the safety and socio-emotional wellbeing of 100% of students and 100% of adults by establishing safety practices, protocols, guidelines in accordance with credible public health officials and through participation in the Tri-County Pandemic Team and leadership within the MTSD Pandemic Team.


Goal #2: To support the instructional leadership vision of the Superintendent and improve the instructional leadership competencies of 100% of principal and assistant principals in the district through professional development, coaching and trainings.


Goal#3: To support the Superintendent’s work, while building capacity in all MTSD employees to improve their efficiencies and achieve daily operational excellence.


Goal#4: To support the Superintendent’s goal of significant improvement in the academic and behavioral outcomes of students in grades K-12 through proficiency and/or growth.

Goal#5: To support the Superintendent’s target, as we establish and/or improve the Millcreek Township School District’s culture and morale amongst 100% of our teammates and internal stakeholders.

Superintendent's Office


Executive Assistant to Superintendent

Linda Sitter


Coordinator of School Communications

Katie Maccaglia


Request for Distribution of Promotional Literature Form

District Request for Distribution of Promotional Literature Google Form should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested date of distribution.