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Multi-Factor Authentication Title
Description of what is MFA


  • As employees in the public education system, we all have access to sensitive information that we have an obligation to help protect.
  • MTSD feels all data is sensitive and we strive to keep it protected and secure at all times.
  • Due to increased cyber attacks, additional insurance requirements, poor password hygiene, and increases in computing power, passwords alone are no longer enough to ensure good security.


You should expect to be prompted when logging in to the following:

  • Office 365 including Outlook Email
  • District Google Account
  • Infinite Campus
  • FMX (Maintenance Ticketing System)
  • Clever
  • Adobe Creative Cloud


The following options are available to complete multi-factor authentication on your personal device. Please note, no district information is stored on your device. Your device will simply receive a voice call, a text with a six digit code, or the Microsoft Authenticator App will generate a notification.

  • Microsoft Authentication App (Recommended)
    • This will send a push notification to the app that you then approve.

  • SMS/Text Message
    • This will send a 6-digit code via text/SMS.
  • Voice Call
    • This will call the phone number you set up and ask you to verify you are the person trying to login to your account.
* You can setup more then one option(App, Call, SMS) and each option can be setup more then one time. For example: You could setup the app on your district issued cell phone and on your personal cell phone, and add a phone number for SMS.


  • April 26, 2022
    • All MEC staff
    • MEC staff at Ridgefield
    • Maintenance Admins
    • Transportation
    • Food Service at MEC
  • May 2, 2022
    • Building Principles
    • Building Assistant Principles
    • Building Office Secretary
    • Admin Officers
    • Athletics
  • July 1, 2022
    • All Staff

Please setup MFA before your rollout date using the instructions below, if you do not set it up before your rollout date you will be prompted to on your assigned day.

After MFA is enabled

When you get a notification "Work or school account problem" select the notification, then select "Sign in again" then follow the login prompts. This is required for Single Sign-On(SSO) to work.

Work or school account problem notification

Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

Click here to view the MFA Frequently Asked Questions.

MFA Setup Instructions

For help, questions, or problems email: or call 814-835-5671.