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Established in the early 1800's, Millcreek Township's schools have been educating the area's students for more than two centuries! 

Explore the History of MTSD

About MTSD's Seal & Flag

The school district was founded on September 19, 1834 as "The Common Schools of the District of Mill Creek." The first subscription school had been established in 1805. One of the first formal organizations to manage education was effected with the establishment of the Millcreek and Walnut Creek Association formed in 1812. The district has in fact, four anniversary dates. The title, "The School District of the Township of Millcreek," is official. It was established on July 26, 1965 when the district entered a "Petition for Advanced establishment" with the Commonwealth after the dissolution of the County school system.
The official seal adopted at that time is very similar to the seal adopted in August 1985. The central section of the shield originally contained a plow. Because agriculture is no longer central to the township's way of life, and to emphasize the main goal of the school district, the lamp or learning and a book have replaced the plow. To be true to the beginning of the area, the sheaves of golden wheat still grace the bottom of the shield. A sailing vessel on top of the shield reminds us of Lake Erie, our northern boundary. This vessel represents the movement of industrial goods from our community, the recreational activity in our area, and the military activity of Oliver Hazard Perry off our shores. The eagle rests atop the shield, reminding us that we are part of the great nation -- the United States of America.
The official flag of the school district was adopted by the Board of Education in August 1985. It includes the seal of the District in the upper left-hand corner. The eleven blue and white stripes represented the eleven public school buildings in the school district.

Today, the district seal is only used by the School Board of Directors, the Superintendent's Office, and district-level departments' official communications to parents, students, and staff.

Each school building has its own identity, whether by name or symbol, to use for official communications from the building and its staff. Any and all use of District branding, logos, or other visual assets must be approved by the District before use and adhere to the official brand guidelines.