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District Goals

Superintendent's Goals 2022 – 2023

The following goals are submitted to the Board of School Directors by Superintendent Ian Roberts for their approval:

Goal #1 Academic Excellence - To maintain the District’s standard of excellence and provide a world -class education by ensuring student mastery of expanding and increasingly complex standards in reading and language arts, mathematics, the sciences, and world languages.

Goal #2 Critical Competencies - To improve the instructional leadership competencies of 100% of our school leaders to increase the focus on the instructional core by every member of the school leadership team (SLT).

Goal #3 Social & Emotional Well Being - To foster a safe, welcoming environment that supports and recognizes the socio- emotional wellbeing and mental health of students and adults who serve them.  This focus will ensure that students are in an environment that fosters learning, and are able to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities through multiple assessments.

Goal #4 Inclusive, Welcoming, Safe & Secure Schools - To ensure the safety and wellbeing of 100% of Millcreek Township School District’s students and every adult who teach, lead, and serve them in an inclusive, empathetic, and compassionate environment. 

Goal #5 Governance & District Operations - To collaborate with the board to establish policies and procedures that promote the best possible education for every student and to implement policy through the administrative role. To effectively lead Millcreek Township School District’s operations to ensure the mission to provide the best education possible for each and every student is consistently carried out in all areas of the District’s operational departments, including Business, Human Resources, Technology, Facilities, and Communications.

Acting Assistant Superintendent's Goals 2022-2023

Acting Assistant Superintendent's Goals for 2022-2023 are forthcoming - stay tuned!