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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my student return to in-person learning?

  • Yes! It is recommended that students return to in-person learning at natural transition times, such as the end of a quarter or semester. Always have your student consult their guidance counselor when considering a change to or from in-person learning. 

Will my student still be part of Millcreek Township School District?

  • Absolutely. Your student will continue to be a MTSD student and have access to all the same activities, athletics, dances, and supports that in-person learners have. Upon graduation, they will receive a MTSD diploma.

How does attendance work?

  • Students' attendance is monitored weekly by the time spent in their classes and the amount of progress they're making in their courses. A detailed explanation of attendance policies will be provided upon your student's initial enrollment.

Are the teachers MTSD employees?

  • No, they are not MTSD teachers. Educators in the cyber program are provided by our third-party vendor, CAOLA. The guidance counselor, administration, and support staff are MTSD employees and students will have regular access to them.

Does my student need to reapply if they were in the program last year?

  • No. Students who were enrolled in the cyber program at the end of the 23-24 school year do not need to reapply. New students do need to complete an application, which you can find on our cyber registration page here.