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Safety Information

2018-19 Safety and Security Update

The District has recently appointed Mr. Brian Duska as its Safety and Security Administrator. Duties include:

  1. Coordinates a comprehensive security/school safety program.
  2. Serves as a liaison with local law enforcement agencies to monitor the daily operation of the School Resource Officer (SRO)/(SSO) program and other law enforcement issues on the school campuses.
  3. Assists in the development and implementation of security plans for special events involving the school facilities within the jurisdiction of the Millcreek Township School District.
  4. Provides training and assistance to site-based administrators in matters of safety and security.
  5. Advises and assists site-based administrators in matters involving criminal activities on school campuses.
  6. Participates in the development and maintenance of the District’s Crisis Response Plan.
  7. Assists/advises in the development of crisis management/emergency response plans as part of each school’s safety plan.
  8. Oversee school security personnel and review the school entity’s policies and procedures related to school safety and security and compliance with related state and federal law.
  9. Coordinate training and resources for students and school entity staff in matters related to situational awareness, trauma-informed education awareness, behavioral health awareness, suicide and bullying awareness, substance abuse awareness and emergency procedures and training drills.
  10. Coordinate safety and security assessments as necessary, serve as the liaison with the Committee, PDE, law enforcement and others, report annually regarding safety and security practices.

Proposed Safety and security upgrades for 2019-20

  • Security window film on all first floor windows at each school. This will also include window/glass surrounding main school offices and welcome/Raptor windows.
  • Partial concrete protective barriers installed on portions of McDowell/MIHS walkway. These will provide increased protection to the current open walkway between the schools.
  • Additional security cameras at the middle and elementary school levels.

District Crisis Response Trainings

  • “I love u guys” trainings: As a reminder, the I love u guys is our standard response protocol (SRP) that has been adopted in cooperation with local law enforcement and emergency first responders in Millcreek. Our staff has received online training with this SRP, and we are finalizing our comprehensive District crisis response model, including the applicable T.R.O.J.A.N. response, prior to conducting more intensive student preparedness programs at each level (elementary, middle, and high schools).
  • NaviGate Prepared
    NaviGate Prepared is a virtual safety preparedness solution uniquely designed for K-12 schools. With a holistic suite of emergency preparedness tools, NaviGate Prepared empowers schools to develop and execute effective safety programs that prepare staff and students to confidently respond in emergency situations.
    • State-compliant safety plan – The Safety Plan Wizard includes the approved Pennsylvania state safety plan template. Answer questions and the Wizard builds your plan.
    • Emergency procedures at your fingertips – The Flipchart module provides your latest emergency procedures to all staff on their mobile device.
    • Improve drill effectiveness – Drill scenarios provide opportunities for staff to initiative drills, while drill logs enable quick, accurate reporting of drill activities.
    • Account for students – During a drill or emergency, account for students, by name via your Infinite Campus data.
    • Collaborate with first responders – Interactive maps and floor plans support Pennsylvania state compliance requirements and provide valuable information to first responders.
  • These initial student preparedness programs will be conducted by Mr. Brian Duska (Safety and Security Administrator), Officer Nate Spiker (McDowell School Resource Officer) and Mr. Jim Rich (MIHS School Security Officer).
  • All District schools/rooms will be color coded for better emergency response identification.